Kariani Beach, Kavala

In the beautiful beach of Kariani Kavala, very close to the tourist resort of Costa Ofrynio and on a coastline of 15 km in total, you can get a plot of 221 sq.m. and create the holiday home you dream of! Just 580 m from the sea! Smart and economical! The house is designed with ergonomics and functionality to provide the owner with the full use of all spaces. The house consists of an open space and a bathroom. There is the possibility of creating a semi-basement space. Our main concern in the design of each house is to offer moments of absolute carefreeness and relaxation to its owner. The plot is for sale individually without a house. The costs of issuing a license and the EFKA of the property are not included in the price.

After Sales – Property Management

A home needs maintenance and cleaning to maintain its value. During your absence, you can rest assured that through the property management service we can cope with any maintenance needs of your property, confirming that they are carried out according to your instructions.

♣ Regular inspection, supervision of the property
♣ Gather your mail
♣ Cleaning and maintenance services (home, garden, etc.)
♣ Payment of bills (Utility, Tax Office)

The area

Kariani beach is a tourist resort with 15 km of coastline and an award-winning beach, gathering thousands of visitors during the summer but also presents significant traffic in all seasons. It is located very close to important spots of interest, 5 km from Amphipolis, about 60 km from Kavala, Drama and Serres, and 100 km from Thessaloniki.


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