Ofrynio beach, Kavala

In Ofrinio Beach, 200 meters from the Sea and 180 meters from the main pedestrian street with shops, restaurants, pharmacy and health center, is the newly built settlement "PALM 11", a new piece that is to be added to the remaining 42 apartments of the settlement. Maintaining luxury, modern design and modern aesthetics, FINIKAS 11 includes 7 apartments. The square meters listed are the net meters of the property. The houses come with kitchen furniture, sanitary ware, central security entrance door and synthetic frames with screens. The settlement has green areas with trees, palm trees and parking spaces. This offer is an amazing opportunity that combines your vacation with investment!

After Sales – Property Management

A home needs maintenance and cleaning to maintain its value. During your absence, you can rest assured that through the property management service we can cope with any maintenance needs of your property, confirming that they are carried out according to your instructions.
Regular inspection, supervision of the property
♣ Gather your mail
♣ Cleaning and maintenance services (home, garden, etc.)
♣ Payment of bills (Utility, Tax Office)

MAX VALUE 6% guaranteed return

It is a program specially designed for customers – buyers of country houses that we build in Costa Ofrynio. We undertake the entire process of renting the property as well as its cleaning and maintenance. We give 6% guaranteed return in the tourist season, while the remaining 6 months the house remains at the disposal of the owner for exploitation or private use.

The area

Costa Ofrynio is a tourist resort with 15 km of coastline and an award-winning beach, gathering thousands of visitors during the summer but also presents significant traffic in all seasons. It is located very close to important spots of interest, 5 km from Amphipolis, about 60 km from Kavala, Drama and Serres, and 100 km from Thessaloniki.


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