Golden investment

With 25 years of experience in Real Estate, construction and Property Management, the Kourtidis Group has developed new modern services aimed at investors and business partners and operating vertically aims to strengthen entrepreneurship.

The investor reception department consists of a large and specialized team of scientists and collaborators with lawyers, real estate consultants, engineers, economists, tax experts, accountants, economists, urban planners, surveyors, environmentalists, foresters, transporters. It is housed in the head office of the Group in Ofriniou Beach in modern facilities, just a few kilometers from Thessaloniki and Kavala.

Mission- Target

GIS was created with the aim of supporting interested investors and companies to develop business in Greece, to contribute to the extroversion of the Greek economy, to attract and welcome investors and to provide important and valid information about their activities in the country.

Its mission is to fully support the vision of every investment effort that wants to start in Greece. An additional goal remains to highlight the attractive investment destination of our country by emphasizing those sectors that the country has or can gain comparative advantages such as: tourism, energy, Real Estate, construction, recycling, supply chain, logistics, food and agricultural production.

Our Great Team

The team of experienced and renowned scientists and associates of the investor reception department, provides support in all phases of the investment process by creating a safe environment of cooperation and trust, guaranteed by the Kourtidis Group. This large team is next to the customer from the beginning of the expression of interest until the final phase of the investment.

By faithfully implementing a plan of strategic extroversion choices through international marketing actions and information events, we first attract the interest of foreign investors. We welcome interested investors and inform them in detail about the current institutional, legal, fiscal and economic framework.

We evaluate all the data, investment plans and the financial profile of our clients and we come to our suggestions.


We promote the investment plans of our clients, we make full use of all the modern tools and ALL the available development programs that are in progress and we are looking for the most advantageous form of financing.

We support our client throughout the implementation of the investment plan and the implementation of the development program. am Through a process of cooperation based on trust we achieve our common goal!

  • Real Estate: purchase, sale, rent, real estate appraisal
  • Support of special partners in every investment action
  • Implementation – construction of a project, undertaking a variety of actions

-Search – Finding programs and financial tools -Submission and Management of Subsidized Programs -Architectural design -Permission of licenses -Complete After Sales Services -Development of sales & creation of a complete Marketing Business Plan -Cooperation with HRDH (Private Fund) Guide for investments in cutting-edge industries such as Energy, Tourism, construction,

-Real Estate, recycling, supply chain, logistics, food, agricultural production -Cooperation with banks and Funds.


investment targeting sectors in collaboration with the experience and know-how of GIS, member of the Kourtidis Group.


With more than 16,000 kilometers of coastline, with about 6,000 larger and smaller islands and islets, Greece has now consolidated its position in the global tourism market. Many Greek destinations are among the most popular tourist options in the world, while Greece is internationally recognized as a country that offers attractive luxury holidays.

Its competitive advantages, such as the rich cultural heritage, the natural beauty of the place and the geographical diversity, have attracted significant investments in the tourism sector in recent years, strengthening the image of Greece on the one hand as a world-wide tourist destination and on the other hand as investment chances.


More than 1 billion euros were invested in the Greek real estate market during 2019, as well as foreign investment funds and domestic real estate investment companies property (AEEAP) sought to take advantage of the improving economic climate and opportunities found in various categories of real estate. The suspension of 24% VAT for all newly built properties that is valid until 2022, will be a useful and necessary measure for the revival of the economy and the immediate dynamic restart of the construction industry, especially small and medium enterprises engaged in the construction of housing.


According to the National Energy Plan, Renewable Energy Sources are planned to invest a total of 9 billion euros and should cover by 3530 35% of total energy consumption, from 18% today, and over 60% of electricity consumption. The installed capacity of photovoltaics must be more than doubled, from 3,000 megawatts today to 7,700 megawatts in 2030.

To achieve these goals, large RES units are needed. Greece’s geographical location at the crossroads between West and East in combination with the trilateral cooperation, such as the one between Greece-Cyprus-Israel, allows it to play a particularly important role in the energy map of the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean.


The food and agricultural sector has always been one of the most important export sectors in the country with a particularly strong presence in the European food markets and an ever-increasing presence in the American market. From olive oil, feta, to flour products, honey, processed meats and ready meals, Greek companies have taken advantage of the competitive advantages offered to them by Greek primary production. Greek companies have managed to innovate and differentiate themselves, both in terms of product and packaging. Over the last 10 years, there are many examples of companies in the food sector, which have captured significant market shares abroad, combining the use of traditional raw materials in production with innovative marketing actions and innovative packaging.


Maritime transport is the most common way of handling global transport, accounting for 80% of world trade, in volume, and over 70% in value. Container traffic in European ports increases by 6% per year, while traffic through the ports of South East Europe increases by more than 8% per year. The geographical position of Greece at the crossroads of three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), makes it from early antiquity, a strategic spot that connects different people, goods and cultures, thus occupying a crucial position in the development of transport in the wider region.


Greece’s National Waste Management Plan (ESDA) for the next decade envisions the country adapting to the principles of sustainable development in waste management. It is the plan for the country to succeed in protecting the environment from landfilling and at the same time recycling its waste and producing energy from it.

The new ECHR is called upon to manage the country’s total waste, which corresponds to 31 million tonnes of waste per year. Gives great importance to recycling and sorting at source. In particular, it envisages the universal separate collection of biowaste for the whole country at the end of 2022. At the same time, it envisages intensification of the efforts for separate collection of 4 streams for recycling, as well as priority in strengthening the collection network for recyclable materials.

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