Alexandrou Chora and Ofrynio Beach – Costa Ofrynio in the world tourism map

From 12 to 14 of November, in the International Exhibition & Congress Centre of Thessaloniki, the 36th International Tourism Exhibition Philoxenia took place, after one year of absence. Kourtidis group, with its intense activity in the fields of tourism, construction, real estate, and investments, gave a very dynamic presence with its participation.

“A leading group. A new destination. A vision that is becoming a reality.”. With this triptych as a motto, Kourtidis group presented to all visitors its activity, the place where it invests the Ofrynio Beach-Costa Ofrynio and the Alexandrou Chora project.


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On the sidelines of the Exhibition and to the representatives of dozens of media from all over Greece, the inauguration of Alexandrou Chora was officially presented for the first time in a press conference. The articles, the reports, and the tributes from all of the media that followed the presentation were hundreds and the comments were resounding. In addition, the president of the group Mr. Kourtidis and the vice president Mrs. Dimitrova had the opportunity to be invited to the studios of many sites, radio and television stations and to share their vision with everyone.

During this three-day event, hundreds of people visited the Group’s exhibition space and important meetings with tourism people, businessmen and politicians took place.


The Deputy Minister of Macedonia-Thrace Stavros Kalafatis visited the kiosk and in a meeting with the president Nikos Kourtidis stressed that it is particularly important that there is such a project in progress in Northern Greece. He underlined the advantages of the area and asked to be informed soon about the development of the investment.

The Regional Governor of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Christos Metios congratulated the Management of the group and expressed his confidence that Alexandrou Chora will be a great project that will give impetus to the western part of the Region.

The former Minister of Macedonia-Thrace and current MP Theodoros Karaoglou was given a tour of the Kourtidis Group kiosk, he wanted to know more details and discussed the planning of a new meeting with the administration, in order to be informed in more detail about the prospects of the project.

The Olympian and Vice-Regional Minister M.U. of Thessaloniki Voula Patoulidou was impressed when she learned details about the Alexandrou Chora project and the tourism development it is expected to bring to the wider area.

The General Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism Vicky Loizou met for the second time in a few days with Mr. Nikos Kourtidis and declared impressed by the general philosophy and aesthetics of the Alexandrou Chora project. She expressed her desire to see up close the development of the project and the beauties of the area and gladly accepted the invitation of Konstantina Dimitrova.

Between those who honored with their presence the Kourtidis group of companies were the Presidents of Remax Hellas Christos and Stelios Samoladas, the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of the Municipality of Paggaio Eleni Beni, the Deputy Mayor of Culture & Tourism of the Municipality of Amphipolis Dimos Vitsios, the President of the Local Community of Amphipolis Alexandros Kochliaridis and more.


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A special moment was the awarding of the honorary distinction of best participation in the event by the management of TIF – Helexpo, the managing director Kyriakos Pozrikidis and the head of organization of Philoxenia Katerina Traptsioni, to the president Nikos Kourtidis and the vice-president of our group Konstantina Dimitrova.

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