The “golden” program of the group is addressed to the clients- owners of plots who wish to invest their property and do not have the required financial resources.


How it works:

  1. The appraisal of the plot is done
  2. Then, follows the agreement on the percentage of the consideration both in meters and in value, based on the real value of the plot as it is determined by the respective supply and demand of real estate in the specific area. 
  3. Kourtidis Group proposes the best possible architectural solution, presenting to you, both in draft and in full analysis, the perspective appearance of the project.
  4. We proceed to the preparation of the general and the special writing of the obligations of the contractor before the beginning of the works that determines the materials that we will use in the construction, their quality and quantity. This ensures the full rights of the clients to know exactly the final project they will receive.
  5. Next step, the drafting and signing of a private pre-contract, which is a kind of commitment before the signing of the final contract, so that both parties are legally covered.
  6. We complete the final plans with topographic plan and compilation of the table of the corresponding percentages on the plot which is included in the Contractor Agreement.
  7. We conclude the drafting and signing of the Contractor Agreement, which regulates all the basic and individual details of the project so that the agreement is now valid.


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