Max Value

It is a unique program of maximizing the profit of the investment – purchase of a holiday house.

Offers 6% guaranteed return during summer season, to the buyers of holiday houses, that our Group builds in Paralia Ofryniou, while the remaining 6 months the house is at their disposal for exploitation or private use.

How it works:

  1. Oiko Kourtidis, member of Kourtidis Group, constructs high quality,, new holiday houses in selected and touristic areas, in organized and modern designed complexes.
  2. The investor buys without 24% VAT (Law 4646/2019 suspension of VAT until 2022) and gradual repayment based on the progress of the construction work.
  3. The Group manages for 6 months the new property’s rental, undertaking, with specialized staff, the entire process of the property management ( renting, cleaning, maintenance, supervision etc)
  4. The investor benefits 6% guaranteed rental return and 6-moonth additional use of the holiday house.

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