The Kourtidis Group and the experienced financial advisors of the Banking division responsibly and actively support companies interested in investing in projects or properties under its management.

In the context of the holistic service we provide, our group’s Banking division can inform you about the available financial tools of the Greek Banks as well as the subsidized Business Programs in each cutting-edge sector, essentially strengthening Greek Business.

We offer you the privilege of a distinguished service by providing you with:

  • Guidance Counselling
  • Fast service
  • Full information on all subsidized programs (ESPA, TAA, LEADER, ANAPTIXIAKOS)
  • Proposal for the right choice of financing depending on your business needs
  • Presentation of alternative forms of financing (leasing, bond loans, venture capital, Business Angels, etc.)
  • Presentation of co-financed financial instruments (CEF II, EAT, Guarantee Fund, European Programs and Loan Guarantee Facilities, etc.)



The documents for the initial assessment of your request by our competent sector are as follows:

1. tax return for the last two (2) years (print in English, where possible)

2. a verbal statement about the amount of other loans in your country

The response from our department will be immediate.

In case of a positive response to the potential funding, please follow the steps below:

1st STEP

Contact our company to guide you on how to open a code and account with a partner bank.

2nd STEP

Financial pre-approval

  1. Loan application (to be completed by our office)
  2. Declaration of no debts, indicating the existence or not of bank debts (to be completed by our office)
  3. Last payroll (in case of an employee)
  4. Photocopy of identity card/passport

In case of a positive response from the bank for the pre-approval of the loan, you will be informed about the submission of additional documents.

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