It is the most complete program for the construction of a holiday house and has been designed especially for the clients and investors of Kourtidis Group, who want to build their holiday house according to their personal preferences, on a plot of their choice.

How it works:

  1. The group checks and records the needs and financial profile of the client.
  2. We calculate together the budget of the plot purchase, the construction of the house, the selection of the materials and we create a payment table according to the progress of the works.
  3. We provide a full support and proposals, for the suitable selection of the plot, so as to satisfy our client’s needs.
  4. We provide a full support in all the phases of the project, until its completion, design, construction and decoration.
  5. We compile a work schedule, so that the time of the completion and the project handover procedure, can be controlled. We use reliable technology and quality materials to ensure the efficiency of the works.
  6. We hand-over modern houses of high quality and totally adapted to the aesthetic and needs of the client.

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