Building the future: Kourtidis Group’s contribution to the local construction development

The recent release of data by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) on building permits in 2023 offers valuable information on the construction landscape in Greece. The national figures reflect a strong level of activity. Among the municipalities making notable strides is the Municipality of Paggaio, despite being a relatively “unknown” area for the Greek standards. The contribution of the Kourtidis Group, which is based in Ofrynio Beach, is particularly important in the reconstruction of this municipality, creating significant projects in the area.

Kourtidis Group, with a history in the construction industry since 1996, has played an important role in promoting development in this community.

Specifically, in 2023:

– 33 building permits were granted for the Group’s projects

– representing 19,680 m2 of construction activity.

In comparison:

– 160 permits were issued in the entire Municipality of Paggaio

– representing 64,475 m2 of building activity.


– Kourtidis Group was granted 20,6 % of the total number of permits in the Municipality of Paggaio

– And carried out 30.5% of its total construction activity

This increase in permits issued to the group reflects its commitment to invest in the region and actively contribute to economic prosperity.

Over the years, it has steadily expanded its presence:

– from 20 permits in 2021

– to 25 in 2022 and

– to 33 in 2023

Each permit represents not just a building project, but an opportunity to create jobs, stimulate local businesses and promote the overall development of the area.

As a group with deep roots in the region, Kourtidis Group plays a leading role in the story of its development. Through its strategic initiatives and ongoing investments, it aims to continue to drive positive change and build a better future for all residents. With vision and commitment, it continuously influences the economic and social landscape of the region where it operates.

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