The big bet that makes history

ALEXANDROU CHORA is the company and the big project that is currently in progress and is the big vision of the group.

For the ambitious project, its design has been completed, the infrastructure terms  have already started, while all the necessary approvals and licenses are in full progress and in the phase of completion.

The operation of the project is expected to spur the development of the wider area and will be a milestone in the change of page in the history of the Kourtidis Group.

This is a unique Multiplex Tourist Complex in an ideal area by the sea on the beach of Ofrynio (Costa Ofrynio) and perfectly harmonized with the natural environment, with a total area of ​​175,000 sq.m., which will be divided into 3 different sections.

The Greek and award-winning architect Costas Poulopoulos who lives in Denmark, is the one who will implement the Alexandrou Chora Project as a whole.

He specializes in the design and construction of large-scale buildings in Europe and Asia, and has signed the Siemens headquarters in Munich, Germany, the Nordea Bank in Denmark and the School of Finance & Management in Frankfurt.

Alexandrou Chora Resort, Village & Theme Park

The first section is divided into two phases and includes the creation of 2 hotels, the luxurious Alexadrou Chora Resort and a state-of-the-art unit with all the facilities of wellness, spa, therapeutic relaxation, physical and mental rejuvenation, etc.

The two complexes will have a total of more than 300 beds.

The second section includes an area of ​​26,000 sq.m., the creation of a model complex for the Greek standards. In Alexandrou Chora Village it was planned to build 280 luxury houses that in its final form will form a modern and separate “small village”. The architectural design gives special weight to the common areas, the squares, the parks, the playgrounds, while in the basic philosophy it is also included the creation of doctor’s office, market shops, etc. The residents of the settlement will have direct access to all its therapeutic activities and hotel facilities.

The third section includes in an area of ​​40,000 sq.m. the creation of Alexander Theme park, a large theme park that will attract hundreds of thousands of visitors and will highlight the wider area through its historical wealth, the incredible archaeological finds and the world power of the name of Alexander the Great.

The covered space of the theme park will be a total of 1,800 sq.m., while a large part of it will be developed in the specially designed and themed outdoor space.

The design of the theme park has been undertaken and completed in the next period by Dream Workers, a leading company in Europe, which has built the largest and most successful theme parks in Greece. Respectively, the scientific team is composed of the most important Greek professors and historians.


As part of the educational excursions, it is estimated that more than 70,000 students will visit the theme park each year. In addition, the forecast for attracting group trips, families, “free visitors” on weekends is huge – and also the thousands of foreign tourists who will be in our country in all 4 seasons of the year.

The initial area (40,000 sq.m.) includes the creation of large parking lots (cars and buses) that will serve the entire Alexadrou Chora project, as well as sports facilities with stadiums, training centers, etc.

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