The Dolphin comes back to life… Send us your pictures!

Delfini. A name that evokes memories in the city of Kavala for many people, either because they had worked there or simply because they remember an imposing building full of life for a long time. A company that made a decisive contribution to the stimulation of the local economy and was rightly described at the time as one of the largest handicraft enterprises that managed to enter into profitable partnerships with foreign business units that ensured a steady flow of work and production. After 2010, with the transfer of the company’s business activity outside Greece, the impressive building, which was constructed in the 1980s, was emptied and abandoned. Thus, more than 40 years after the beginning of the creation of the building of the former Delfini handicraft company, which for many years was an industrial building – a symbol for the area of Perigiali, the time has come for a change of use.


In 2021, Kourtidis Group of Companies buys the building, putting in place a new ambitious project with the complete reconstruction of the building and its transformation into a

a complex of 61 state-of-the-art luxury apartments – residences.

This iconic building is “coming back to life” and is being transformed into the new landmark of the city of Kavala under the name The Dolphin!


With respect to the history of this area and with the intention to have a piece of the “yesterday” of the Dolphin in the new ultramodern project, a museum section will be created in it, which will include photographic material from the years when the craft was in operation.

Kourtidis Group is therefore making an open call to all those who have snapshots-documents from that time.

Send your photos and see them transformed into… exhibits!


You can, if you wish, send along as many of your details as you would like to be included in the exhibition, as well as the story behind your photo.


Methods of communication/sending:

By phone at 2594031500

By mail to

By viber/whatsapp at 6931847954

By message on the Kourtidis Group Facebook page messenger:


Let’s unite together the “yesterday” with the “today”!



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