The National Herald: How did a Greek company manage to put an “unknown” region on the global tourism and investment map?

1,124 residences under construction, a new destination and a great vision for Kourtidis Group


So, what is the secret behind the company in Northern Greece that conquers great distinctions in Greek and international Real Estate every year? How has it managed to turn “unknown” areas into the ultimate new 365-day destinations?

It all started with a series of successful business moves and uninterrupted investments in various geographical areas, which have made the Greek group Kourtidis Group one of the leaders in the sectors of Real Estate, Construction, Investment and Tourism.


It is a fully vertically integrated group with a total of 6 companies that has been a leading player in Greece and abroad for the last 27 years with extroversion and dynamism. Based in Ofrynio Beach in the Prefecture of Kavala and in a region where the heart of world history beats, it does not stop investing in developing regions, giving them a remarkable added value over the years.

Kourtidis Group’s award-winning real estate company, RE/MAX Choice, is rightly characterized as the “leader” of Real Estate in Greece with distinctions at Panhellenic, European and Global level. It holds the 1st place in Production for Greece in 2022 while its teams have achieved the 1st place in Europe and the 35th place worldwide.


The group’s president, Nikolaos Kourtidis, states “It is important that Real Estate in Greece is at a very high level. This gives us the right to believe that there is still huge room for growth and profitable investments in this sector.”

The company now counts a total of 6 offices, more than 110 partners, 36 residential complexes, 1,124 residences under construction, has 2,800 properties for sale, 2,800 completed holiday homes, 10,000 satisfied customers, 7 brands and 8 new major investments.


A region with a global history

The development in the area of Ofrynio Beach is no coincidence. The visitor starting from the famous ” Kasta Tomb” of the Municipality of Amphipolis, can “travel” in time and the steps of Alexander the Great as the most unique monuments of the place, which are preserved from antiquity. With 2 airports in close proximity, it is a 365-day destination, easily accessible, offering unlimited types of summer and alternative tourism.

As the group’s activity covers a large part of Northern Greece with a network of 6 offices, the Kavala Experience application was created in this context. The app offers a different tour experience, as it awakens all the senses with audio tours and images. A personal guide who selects for the visitor experiences for 48 hours or even 7 days. The app also takes care of accommodation through a multitude of the Group’s accommodations.


Personal associate, the solution to bureaucracy 

Kourtidis Group’s philosophy is to develop modern services that address each buyer and investor with the aim of a complete experience of cooperation. With its One stop shop service, it finds a solution to bureaucracy and by having dedicated departments with qualified scientists, it helps and supports each interested party in all phases of the process.

The Non Dom Tax Regime program offered by Kourtidis Group, gives the opportunity to the individual to transfer his/her tax residence to Greece and be subject to an alternative tax regime of 100,000 euros regardless of the amount of his/her income. Also, the financial advisors of the group, are at the side of every investor -non-resident of the country, who wants a housing loan and guide him from the beginning to the end of the process. At the same time, in the context of holistic service, the group’s banking division informs about the available financial tools of the Greek Banks as well as about the subsidized Business Programs in each cutting-edge sector, to every interested party who wants a business loan in the country.

“Our country currently offers stability, security and provides the ideal conditions, as evidenced by the indicators and official survey data for tourism and investment”, notes the group’s Vice President, Konstantina Dimitrova.


New era

With know-how and innovation, Kourtidis Group is ready to enter a new electronic era by creating an Auction platform. Kourtidis Auction is a new part of the group focusing on online real estate auctions. Kourtidis Auction’s multi-party approach to selling and buying provides both local and international sellers, buyers and agents with the opportunity to secure a property safely, quickly and at exceptional value.


A vision that will make history

Alexandrou Chora, the Kourtidis Group’s major project is currently underway and was set to catapult the development of the region. With an area of 175,000 sqm and in an ideal location by the sea, the multiplex tourist complex is divided into 3 sections, Alexandrou Chora Resort, Alexandrou Chora Village and Alexander Theme Park.

As the Vice President of Kourtidis Group emphasizes “We feel completely justified and satisfied that the Group’s great development has contributed to the growth of this historic and blessed place. We are now ready to support the vision and business plans so that every investment effort of our clients will be crowned with sure success”.


Source: The National Herald




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