24 chasa: The Kourtidis Group presents the investment diamond of Thassos

The residences on the island attract great interest in the international real estate market

The Greek group of companies “Kourtidis Group” enters new global markets with sales. Its extensive portfolio of properties in attractive locations in Greece and its dynamic business moves are a key component of its success.

New projects with real added value

More than 1,333 houses covering an area of 82,000 square metres are under construction along the 260 km long coastline from Stavros to Keramoti and the island of Thassos.

So far, 2,800 holiday homes and 56 modern housing complexes have been completed, where the new owners enjoy the beauty and splendour of Northern Greece.

With its unique approach, the Kourtidis Group is one of the most compelling success stories, as it completely transforms the regions in which it operates and creates destinations with capital gains of up to 25% for investors. “We can certainly convey to you the optimism about the Real Estate outlook that exists in our country and this now stems from our experience but also from the stability and confidence we perceive that foreign investors and clients feel in Greece. Kourtidis Group has invested all these years in an effort to ensure that the region and its “products” acquire real added value” says the Group’s President, Mr. Nikos Kourtidis. “Our pleasure is to see all our customers happy and satisfied. They have all seen their investment rising and every year their property values have been increasing” says Kourtidis Group’s Vice President, Mrs. Konstantina Dimitrova, who is also the head of the department for the management of large investment properties and large investors, while she has fully taken over the management of the clientele in Bulgaria, which is her home country. Kourtidis Group, based in Ofrynio Beach in Kavala Prefecture and with a 28-year track record in the construction industry, has transformed “unknown” locations into sought-after new investment destinations.

In France and the USA they saw the unique possibilities

After a successful and dynamic presence at the world’s largest real estate exhibition MIPIM 2024, in Cannes, France, Kourtidis Group travelled last month to San Francisco and New York, in order to present the unique investment opportunities that exist in the Greek market. Specifically, the focus of the discussions was on the rising investment gem, the island of Thassos, where there was a lot of interest from the American market with immediate response. On the lush green island, the Group has 14 residential complexes under development with more than 500 residences, where the total area of the projects exceeds 30,000 square meters. This makes the island of Thassos a new area on the investment map for the international market.

Luxury that guarantees profit

The group’s international presence is based on the creation and construction of innovative and pioneering projects with performance and added value, a standard One Stop Shop operating model, specially designed investment programs with guaranteed returns, VIP after sales services and leading global partnerships with official Brands. “Our goal is to create value-added complexes that completely change the quality of life for residents. We have achieved this thanks to a standard model for the development of tourist residences with a guaranteed return of 6%, a successful investment model that has highlighted the region and has won the trust of investors, giving the guaranteed return” explains Ms Dimitrova, while adding “It is a great pleasure for us that for years, a large number of investors have been consulting our company”.

Kourtidis Group’s investments started to attract many interested investors, which marks a new era for the economy of the neighbouring country. Smart buyers are turning their eyes to the iconic complexes, which combine luxury and excellent investment positioning. With an emphasis on these comparative advantages, the Group aspires within 2024 to expand and establish itself in new markets, to continue its business journey with even more extroversion, and as Mr Kourtidis underlines, “to showcase all the wealth of the region and the excellent investment opportunities that exist in it”.

Source: https://www.24chasa.bg/biznes/article/18023301


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