Konstantina Dimitrova: A woman behind the remodeling of Ofrynio Beach!

 Konstantina Dimitrova is a woman of Greek origin, born in Bulgaria, who has lived in Greece throughout her adult life.  Ten years ago she collaborated professionally with the “leader” of the realestate in Paralia Ofriniou (Tuzla) Nikos Kourtidis and the two of them have launched the area in numbers that one would have imagined a few years ago.  They helped to increase the number of permanent residents within two decades, to transform and expand the area by creating luxurious settlements and causing an influx of tourists and investors.


Read More: https://omorfataxidia.gr/eidiseis/ellada-eidiseis/konstantina-dimitrova-mia-gynaika-piso-apo-tin-anamorfosi-tis-paralias-ofrynioy-deite-fotografies/

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