“TOYZLA” a sogn with Stathis Nikolaidis

Viral with 103 pontic words, in a few hours, the song that promotes the beauties of a region in Northern Greece.

A video clip goes viral….and is a tourist invitation to the Greeks all over the world, visiting Ofrynio beach – Costa Ofrynio, the well known Touzla, which is located at the western end of the Prefecture of Kavala. One hundred three Pontic words, combined carefully and written for each one of the known and unknown beauties of the blessed areas of Kavala, “dressed” with shots that show them up, harmoniously merged, created “Touzla”. A song interpreted by Stathis Nikolaidis, top artist of pontic music.

The initiative and the promotion of this production belongs to the group of companies Kourtidis Group, which operates in the fields of construction and Real Estate, with a range of lofty investment projects in Northern Greece, and is part of Group’s corporate social responsibility.

The song praises the rich history of the region, the natural beauty, the excellent products, the fine wine and the gastronomy, as well as the wonderful people, inviting Greeks and foreigners to visit Ofrynio beach- Costa Ofrynio, in order to experience the warmest hospitality.

Its aim is to travel throughout the world, meeting every Greek, through Greek and homogeneous media and they, in turn, to discover the unparalleled beauty of “Touzla” via the video clip. The lyrics of the song are in pontic greek dialect, but the simple words used make it understandable from non- pontic Greeks.

Ofrynio beach, the well-known “Touzla”, is not for us just the area where our Group operates. We adore everything in this area: its nature throughout the year, its rich history and its people. So, we would like to capture these “beliefs” with tactfulness and to promote an area that is full of wonderful secrets. We chose to talk to the Greeks throughout the world in the language of our soul. “We send the message of this area to all Greeks through real images, lyrics in pontic greek dialect, and voices that consist the present and the future of pontic music” underlines Mr. Nikos Kourtidis, the president of Kourtidis Group.

“It’s a result that makes us proud and except for the promotion of the area, I think that it is a song is here to stay. I am sure that it will be loved as a song that speaks about the beauties of an area of our country and I intend to include it to my next live appearances.

I even estimate that the moment that the audience will ask for it is not too far. Besides, it has a very well-known pontic rhythm, “tik”, which is a very popular to Pontic Greeks.” said Mr. Stathis Nikolaidis, the popular singer.

Apart from the renowned singer, his two daughters, Pela and Gefsi, also borrow their wonderful voices for the interpretation of the song and the lyrics are signed by Vasilis Moisiadis. Dimitris Xenitopoulos and Panagiotis Mavridis are playing ponti lyra, while Kostas Zois and Nikos Tsalkatidis are playing daouli drum.

Kourtidis group thanks all those who participated in the shooting of the video clip, as well as the members of the club “Efxinou Leshis Paggaio”


link : https://youtu.be/G5g_9muUkns


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