The Dolphin: The new landmark of Kavala

The official first presentation of the big project of Kourtidis Group in Perigiali

Kourtidis Group of Companies presented its new investment under the name The Dolphin in Perigiali, Kavala. It is the reconstruction of the historic building of the former “Delfini” craft factory -which Kourtidis Group bought in 2021- and will soon transform it into a complex of 61 ultra-modern luxury apartments – residences.

The “Delfini” was built in the 1980s just 130 metres from the sea and was a model industrial building for its time. In a press conference held at the offices of the real estate company RE/MAX Choice in Kavala, the management and executives of Kourtidis Group presented the ambitious plan of its complete reconstruction.

A residential complex from the future 

Each of The Dolphin’s 61 resulting residences will have an underground storage room and a parking space. The building will be served by two stairwells and two elevators and will have underground utility space.

The atrium, with an impressive shade garden, will create balconies within the building, while the Roof Garden will be a unique rooftop garden. In addition, the complex will have a 24-hour concierge service (maintenance, cleaning, mail, security), as well as an outdoor modern gym in the Roof Garden. Its location in Perigiali, in one of the most privileged areas of Kavala on its eastern side, will be highlighted by the large-scale redevelopment that is planned for the coming period.

Model complex of sustainable architecture

The Dolphin will be the first building in the city of Kavala to be designed and reconstructed based on sustainable architecture, offering innovations and unique benefits to its owners and the environment. This is a strategic decision of Kourtidis Group, due to the great effort made worldwide to reduce energy consumption and minimize the impact on the natural environment.

“Through the bioclimatic design of The Dolphin complex, the proper construction and management of the building is attempted, in a way that is in perfect harmony with the residential area and taking maximum advantage of the conditions prevailing in the area. The morphology, orientation and climate are some of the parameters that were taken into account in order for the building to achieve comfortable living for the owners with as little energy consumption as possible”, pointed out the internationally renowned architect who has undertaken the design of the project, Kostas Poulopoulos.

Its connection to the local community

As in the past, the DELFINI craft industry contributed decisively to the stimulation of the local economy by providing more than 550 jobs, so in the next period The Dolphin will be firmly connected to Kavala and will help the development of the area of Perigiali.

  • Old machinery of the former craft will be exhibited in a museum section, with references to the overall economic and social activity of the city.
  • A permanent info kiosk will be created in the public areas of the building, where the most important tourist destinations of the wider region will be presented.
  • Certain public spaces will be able to function as Open Air exhibition spaces for low noise cultural activities.


The “Delfini” returns to add to the city

“With the new luxury residential complex, we are returning to the city some of its old glamour, when the local economy was booming through the operation of manufacturing units. The redevelopment of the former “Delfini” Crafts building into a modern luxury apartment complex is a challenge for us. The name “Delfini” remains in the title and will once again become synonymous with a new business effort that will actively support the local economy by creating new opportunities,” said the president of Kourtidis Group Nikos Kourtidis.

Kourtidis Group will keep on with the big projects

On her part, the group’s Vice President Konstantina Dimitrova referred to the importance of this particular investment -as well as the rest of Kourtidis Group’s ongoing investments- in the wider region. “Kavala and Eastern Macedonia in general is a special destination both for Greeks and for many visitors from abroad. But now it is a destination chosen by investors for the development of important projects,” he said, referring to the group’s activities and its high turnover.

Also present at the Press Conference were the Deputy Mayor of Kavala Alexios Politis, the Deputy Mayor of Education and Culture Apostolos Moumtsakis, the President of the Chamber of Kavala Markos Dembas and the President of DIMOFELIA Panagiotis Angelidis.

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