CEO Spotlight: Nikos Kourtidis, CEO of the Kourtidis Group of Companies

Nikos Kourtidis, CEO of the Kourtidis Group of Companies, had a vision of creating a company that would put its mark on his place of birth in Northern Greece. Through the years, he managed to make his dream come true. It is worth reading about his story and his efforts to continuously expand the company’s activities.

Nowadays, the Kourtidis Group is a leader in the construction and real estate industry. In fact, its reputation even crossed the borders of Greece. The result of this is the new collaboration that is to be announced soon with one of the leading hotel chains worldwide.

Q: You are a group of six companies concerned with construction, investments, real estate, tourism, and property management. Can you give us an idea of the group’s financial figures and projects?

Nikos Kourtidis: In order to explain the size and the range of the activities of the group, allow me to briefly describe our vertically integrated operating structure. It all started 26 years ago with Oiko Kourtidis, which today is a leader in the construction industry. Nowadays, this company has an absolute specialization in the design and construction of organized residential complexes. It is worth mentioning that it currently has 745 properties under construction (in various phases) at the same time. Its portfolio includes more than 2,500 holiday homes in total.

RE/MAX Choice is our award-winning real estate company with a network of six offices (Kavala, Drama, Serres, Thassos, N.Iraklitsa, and Ofrynio Beach) in Northern Greece. It is currently ranked number one in sales and transactions in the RE/MAX Greece network and among the best in RE/MAX Europe.Costa Ofrynio Booking is a property management company that turns a holiday home into an investment property. Our buyers can assign to us the management and touristic utilization of their property in return for a guaranteed yield of 6% on their initial investment.

The activity of VIP Services is extremely essential. Our specialized, dynamic department offers first-class after-sales services to every investor and is an extremely valuable tool for quality services for every client of the group of companies, before and after the cooperation. I would say it is one of the secrets of our success.
Over the past few years, we have identified the investors’ need for a one-stop-shop company. So, we created Golden Investment Services (GIS), which is our investor reception department and consists of a top team of experts and associates such as legal consultants, real estate consultants, tax advisors, etc. Our goal is to support investors who express interest in developing successful business activities in Greece.

“Alexandrou Chora” is our next big project (a unique multiplex tourist complex) and the 6th company in our Group that is expected to boost the overall development of our region.
Currently, we employ 250 people in six offices. We have already completed 27 residential complexes; 8 new major investments have been launched; 745 new properties are in the pipeline, as i have already mentioned; and we have a total of 2,000 properties for sale.

Great investments of 45-50 million euros are currently being launched. With the Alexandrou Chora project, the total amount of the investment projects is expected to exceed 120 million euros.

Q: If you were to look back, which would be the milestones in your 25 years of operation?

Nikos Kourtidis: Indeed, in every business journey, there are milestones and landmarks that essentially shape and mark the path forward. My acquaintance and cooperation with the Vice President of the Group, Mrs. Konstantina Dimitrova, in 2012, has played a decisive role in our professional development. Each day, I realize how skillful she is at her work. She has undertaken important roles such as those concerning contacts abroad and welcoming investors with amazing results.

Looking back in time, I also bring to mind the “Sirens” I met, showing quick profit opportunities in various regions of Greece. I consider it important that I chose not to leave this blessed place in terms of business. I dedicated myself and focused on the region that I grew up in and that I know well, with small and steady steps. It’s the place that I believe in and love more than anything else. Undoubtedly, in my professional career, there are countless moments, decisions, and successful results that evoke in me strong emotions.

Q: How did your vision for Alexandrou Chora come about? Tell us more about this large-scale project.

Nikos Kourtidis: Every decision we make, every action we take, and every new investment we launch has a common ground for us. Every day, from early in the morning until late at night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we are constantly in contact with many people. Our associates, clients, investors, and even friends are obviously the ones who convey their real needs to us. From there, we plan and implement our next projects. We do not move forward and approve any project from our side unless we have absolute certainty that it is an investment perfectly designed to succeed.

This is how Alexandrou Chora was conceived. The facilities of this multiplex represent not only all the needs and demands created by visitors and tourists but also comply with the needs of the region. With this project, the region will finally take its place on the world’s tourism map.
So, we are pleased to announce something that we are really proud of… The hotel included in the project is expected to operate under the brand of one of the most well-known hotel chains globally. We are very close to signing a deal with an American company, a giant in the hotel industry. We will have an official announcement very soon.
Alexandrou Chora is a unique multiplex tourist complex in an ideal location by the sea at Ofrynio Beach (Costa Ofrynio) in Kavala and in perfect harmony with the natural environment, with a total area of 175.000 sq.m., which will be divided into three different sections.

The first section includes the construction of a luxury hotel brand with more than 300 beds and a contemporary SPA with bespoke treatments and wellness facilities.
The second section includes the creation of a residential area with unique characteristics, an entirely new formation by Greek standards. In Alexandrou Chora Village, 200 luxurious residences are planned to be built. The architectural design pays special attention to public spaces such as squares, parks, and playgrounds, while the basic philosophy also includes the creation of a medical clinic, a mini-mall, etc.

The third section includes the creation of the Alexander Theme Park, a world-leading theme park that is expected to attract thousands of visitors and will highlight the region’s historical wealth, incredible archaeological sites, and the power of Alexander the Great’s name.

The initial area includes the creation of large parking lots (for cars and buses) as well as sports facilities with tennis courts, training rooms, etc.

Q: How would you describe the real estate market nowadays and what is the profile of prospective buyers?

Nikos Kourtidis: It is important that the real estate market in Greece is firmly laid on a solid and realistic foundation. This makes us optimistic to believe that there is still a huge space for growth and profitable investments in this sector.
We understand that people want to put their needs in the hands of the experts and feel they can trust them. We fight for this trust every day.
The majority of our clients are Greeks from abroad (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.) and also from Balkan countries (Bulgaria, Romania).

As you can understand, even when the owners are away, somebody has to care for their homes. This gap and this care are covered by us. We developed this service and now it is the flagship of our business. A specialized department of experts of the Group offers first-class after-sales services to every investor (purchase contract, ” Help at Home” service, property insurance coverage, mortgage issuance, supervision, cleaning, maintenance work, renovation, organization of family events, etc.). This is an extremely valuable tool for quality services for each of our clients, before and after the cooperation.

Observing the profile of our clients, we have designed some unique programs that are profitable for potential investors. The most popular is the one that provides an annual guaranteed return of 6% on the purchase price. This holiday home program gives the buyers the opportunity to allow us to use and take touristic advantage of their holiday home for a period of 6 months a year. In fact, 70% of our clients are people from abroad, who choose to invest in the enchanting, as they call it, region of Northern Greece.

Q: You are currently one of the most well-known companies in your industry, with many awards. What are your future plans?

Nikos Kourtidis: Our Group invests heavily in the workforce. In general, we believe in the “soul” of our people, and we know for sure that this is the most important factor in a workplace. Therefore, we wish, in the coming years, for our growth through major projects, sales, awards, and investments to parallel the prospects and successes of all our associates. We wish to continue to create excellent conditions for our employees and associates. Year after year, we see our group of companies growing. However, we never intend to stop being a family-oriented team of people.


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